How an Action Taker Made an Impact | Jared Easley | Episode 217

Jared Easley


Jared Easley is the host of the podcast, Starve the Doubts. This is his second time on Doubt the Doubts. We talked about growing your audience, the inception of Podcast Movement, getting speakers for a conference, and much more. Jared had the crazy idea of starting a podcast conference and to his amazement, the world was not only ready, but the world was eager for such an event. Following are some snippets from out conversation.



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Paul: I was watching a video of Gary Vaynerchuk and he was talking about how you get advertisers for your podcast. This is what he said as he looked into the camera, “Do you know how you get advertisers for your show? You go out and grab them!” I thought, Yes! You don’t have to wait for advertisers to come to you. You don’t have to wait for an audience to come to you. You can go out and find them! 

Jared: I was talking to a good friend named Danny Pena and he has a very big podcast that is in the video game niche. Its called Gamertag Radio, and he’s got close to three million downloads and they are all legit downloads. He is very well respected in that circle. He did a talk at a podcast meet up in South Florida. Danny was talking about some very interesting strategies for growing his audience. He will literally go out to video game stores or video game events and start to talk to people about his show. How many people do that and actually talk to people about their podcast.

Sometimes it’s as simple as that. I went to a Tony Robins event and I was able to go to that event and one of the big ideas was proximity marketing. Meeting people around you and talking your ideas.


I was talking to a friend, Joel Zaslofsky. He is putting together an event that called Simple Rev, and I told him that I thought it would be amazing if there was a podcast conference, but I just didn’t know where to begin. Joel was giving me some ideas and I just put them on the shelf because it was just a dream. Then I went to New Media Expo and I overheard someone say, Why isn’t there a podcaster conference? Then it dawned on me and I knew this had to happen.


We needed $11,000 to book a small conference center in Dallas… and with no email list to draw from, with in 9 hours of launching the Kickstarted campaign we had raised $11,000! Then fast forward thirty days, which is the length of the campaign, we had over 300% of our goal- which is a miracle! Then we go from there to now and we have sold over 600 tickets.


I think this is the family reunion. There is going to be a lot of smart people that are going to give some great advice. Even if you don’t podcast at all, this is a good chance to connect with some of your favorite podcasters. But if you are on the fence about podcasting, this is the event to attend. I got an email from a well respected author that doesn’t have a podcast, but he is going to go to the event simply because he know that he will connect with hundreds of podcasters. So when he writes that new book, those are people he can reach out to because he knows them personally.


As far as the significance of podcasting, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. I see podcasting as being the smaller haystack. Meaning, there are four-hundred-fifty-million English speaking blogs, countless millions of hours of content being uploaded to Youtube, and then you’ve got podcasting that might have about three-hundred plus thousand podcasts and 90% of them are dormant. So there is a huge opportunity with podcasting. We are in the right place at the right time.


If something is daunting, don’t try to do it yourself. If this was all me, I would never had started. I wouldn’t even mess with it. You need to link arms with other people. Collaboration is critical and it’s just one of the best ways to make moves, to get noticed, and to grow. If your listeners are not finding unique ways to collaborate, then go find people to connect with and align with so they can do big things.


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